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Kokedama Chinese Evergreen Lipstick

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  • Japanese style of displaying plants indoor
  • Chinese evergreen / Aglaonema lipstick plant in kokedama setup
  • Plant with cocopeat wrapped in sphagnum moss and cotton thread
  • Completely natural and eco friendly


Dimensions: D-4" X H-14"
Weight: Approx  3kg

Care Instructions


The best way to determine if your plant needs water is to feel how heavy it is
When the ball feels light, there's a good chance it needs to be watered
Dip the Kokedama into water, let it absorb for a minute or so (depending on the type of plant)
Take it out; give it a slight squeeze to drain excess water

Like most indoor plants, Kokedama will need some light but not direct light
It will dry out if sitting in direct light
Semi-shade spot indoors is the best for it to thrive