"Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much"- Helen Keller

We at Greenhouse believe in creating an inclusive and safe environment for all beings. We collaborate with Not-for-Profit organisations that are working with kids and adults with special needs and/or underprivileged backgrounds (from various backgrounds.). We do not limit this initiative of ours to only humans, we extend them to the furry, feathered and crawling ones as well.

  • We curate workshops and activities to engage children and young adults by enabling them to learn something new amidst nature while keeping it fun and engaging.
  • We also ensure profits from all our inhouse workshops for our clients go to deserving NGOs and communities.
  • We conduct fund raiser events as well.

If you work with a NGO or know of someone who would benefit from our initiative, we request you to drop us an email!

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You can also call us on 9845551004

ā€œBe kind whenever possible. It is always possible.ā€ ā€“ Dalai Lama